Authors Actively Registered to Attend ICSGCE 2012

Following Authors will attend the conference during October 26-28:

Prof. Danny Sutanto, University of Wollongong,                                  Australia   
Prof. Prof. Qi Huang, Univ. of Electron. Sci.&Tech. of China               China
Prof. Chengke Zhou, Glasgow Caledonian University,                        UK
Prof. A. R. Al-Ali, American University of Sharjah,                               UAE
Prof. Yun Seng Lim, Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman,                         Malaysia
Prof. Mohan Kolhe, University of Agder,                                              Norway
Prof. Yunhe Hou, The University of Hong Kong,                                   Hong Kong, China 
Prof. Axel Sikora, Offenburg University of Applied Sciences,               Germany 
Prof. Stephanie Teufel, University of Fribourg,                                    Switzerland
Prof. Chunjie Li, North China Electric Power University,                            China
Prof. Nabil A. Ahmed, College of Technological Studies,                          Kuwait
Prof. Li Wang, National Cheng Kung University,                                  Taiwan, China  
Prof. Yuan-Kang Wu, National Chung Kung University,                       Taiwan, China 
Prof. Shi-Lin Chen, Chung Yuan Christian University,                         Taiwan, China  
Prof. Zhenshu Wang, Shandong University,                                         China      
Prof. M. A. Hannan, National University of Malaysia,                            Malaysia      
Prof. Ruifeng Shi, North China Electric Power University,                     China      
Prof. S. Roy Chowdhury, Int. Institute of Information Technology,        India      
Prof. Xi-Yun Yang, North China Electric Power University                     China      
Prof. Anton. Prokhorov, Tomsk Polytechnic University,                         Russia      
Prof. Heng Wan, Shanghai Institute of Technology,                             China  
Prof. Yun Won Chung, Soongsil University,                                          Korea      
Prof. Subhransu Sekhar Dash, SRM University,                                   India      
Dr. Yunqian Zhang, Aalborg University,                                               Denmark  
Dr. Yunfei Mu, Tianjin University,                                                         China  
Dr. Mohd R. A. Rahman, TNB Research Private Limited,                     Malaysia      
Dr. Shuheng Chen, Univ. of Electron. Sci.&Tech. of China,                 China      
Dr. Florian Skopik, AIT Austrian Institute of Technology,                      Austria      
Dr. He Chen, State Power Economic Research Institute,                     China      
Dr. M. R. Abdul Rahman, TNB Research Sdn. Bhd.,                            Malaysia       
Dr. Lei Chen, Electric Testing & Research Institute of HEPC,              China       
Dr. Zubair A. Baig, King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals,      Saudi Arabia       
Mr. K. Yamashita (senior scientist), Central Research Inst. of EPI,       Japan

Ph.D. Candidates      
Mr. Zhijun Qin,              The University of Hong Kong,                          Hong Kong, China      
Mr. C. Wang,                The University of Hong Kong,                           Hong Kong, China      
Mr, Xingpeng Li,            Zhejiang University                                          China      
Mr. Linlin Tan,               Southeast University,                                      China      
Mr, Dongsheng Cai,      Univ. of Electron. Sci.&Tech. of China            China      
Mr, Shengqi Zhou,          Chongqing University,                                     China      
Mr. Jingyuan Yin,           Beijing Jiaotong University,                             China      
Mr, A. Sajadi,                 Warsaw University of Technology,                  Poland      
Mr. Iker D.C. Mendaza,  Aalborg University,                                          Denmark      
Mr, G. Mustafa Bhutto,   Aalborg University,                                         Denmark 
                                   & Quaid-E Awam Uni. of Engg. Sci.&Tech.,       Pakistan       

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