Special Session on PCEM Announcement

Dr. MD Shahrukh Adnan Khan, IEEE Member, with the University of Asia Pacific, proposed the Special Session on Power Control and Energy Management (SS-PCEM) in 31 January 2018 and will chair SS-PCEM in ICSGCE 2018. Prospective colleagues are welcome to go to http://www.icsgce.com/?page/SS-PCEM/ for more detail and submit papers to participate in ICSGCE event.


Dr. MD Shahrukh Adnan Khan received his Ph.D. degree from University of Nottingham in 2016. Being active as Assistant Professor in the University of Asia Pacific, his current interest lies on Renewable Energy, Electrical Machines, MOSFET based Real Time Control System, Optical Fibre, Advance Modulation Techniques and Environmental Science. He is a member of IEEE, IET, and IEB, Life-Fellow of NDSC and BDSC.



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