ICSGCE Organizing Committee

Conference Organizing Committee

Advisory Chairs:


Conf. Chairs:


Local Chair:

Local Committee:


TPC Co-Chairs:



Publicity Chair: 

Organizing Chair:

Finance Chair:


Prof. Danny Sutanto, University of WollongongAustralia, (IEEE Senior Member) 

Prof. Chen-Ching Liu, Washington State University, USA (IEEE Fellow) 

Prof. Yun Seng Lim, Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman, Malaysia (IEEE Senior Member)

Prof. Qi Huang, Univ. of Electronic Sci.&Tech. of China, China (IEEE Senior Member)     

To be announced      

Dr Jianhui Wong, Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman, Malaysia

Dr. Kein Chua, Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman, Malaysia

Prof. A. R. Al-Ali, American University of Sharjah, UAE (IEEE Senior Member)

Prof. Chengke Zhou, Glasgow Caledonian University, UK (IEEE Senior Member)

Prof. Axel Sikora, Offenburg University of Applied Sciences, Germany 

Dr. Peter Yang, Sichuan University, China (IEEE Member)  

Prof. Zhusheng Kang, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, China    

Dr. Jasmine Zhou, Jincheng Colleage, Sichuan University, China

Dr. Jason Z. Kang, Journal of Electronic Sci.&Tech., secretariat@icsgce.com

Advisory Committee:  

Prof. Danny Sutanto, University of Wollongong, Australia, (IEEE Senior Member)

Prof. Hean Teik Chuah, Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman, Malaysia, (IEEE Senior Member)

Prof. Chen-Ching Liu, Washington State University, USA (IEEE Fellow)

Prof. George Gross, University of Illinois, USA, (IEEE Fellow) 

Prof. Leland Blank, Dean of Engineering, American University of Sharjah, UAE, (IIT Fellow)

Prof. Vladimir Terzija, The University of Manchester, UK (IEEE Senior Member) 

Technical Program Committee:  

Prof.   A. Al-Ammar, Essam; King Saud University, Saudi Arabia   

Prof.   Abdi, Babak; Islamic Azad University, Iran (IEEE Member)
Ahmed, Chokri Belhadj; King Fahd Uinversity of Petroleum and Minerals, Saudi Arabia  

Prof.   Al-Ali, A. R.; American University of Sharjah, UAE (IEEE Senior Member)

Dr.     Ali, Shawkat; Central Queensland University, Australia 

Dr.     Aung, Zeyar; Masdar Institute of Science and Technology, UAE (IEEE Member)

Prof.  Bollin, Elmar; Offenburg University of Applied Sciences, Germany 

Dr.     Bou-Rabee, Mohammed; College of Technological Studies, Kuwait    

Dr.     Baig, Zubair A.; Edith Cowan University, Australia (IEEE Member)  

Dr.     Chen, He; State Power Economic Research Institute, China (IEEE Member)

Prof.   Chen, Shuyong; China Electric Power Research Institute, China (IEEE Member)

Prof.   El Hani, Soumia; Mohammed V Souissi University,  Morocco

Prof.   Fei, Yunsi; University of Connecticut, USA (IEEE Member)  

Prof.   Grossmann, Uwe; Dortmund University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Germany 

Prof.   Hannan, Mahammad Abdul; National University of Malaysia, Malaysia

Prof.   Hou, Yunhe; The University of Hong Kong, Hang Kong, China (IEEE Member)
Prof.   Huang, Qi, Univ. of Electronic Sci.&Tech. of China, China (IEEE Senior Member)

Prof.   Kolhe, Mohan; University of Agder, Norway
Prof.   Kumar, A. Senthil; Velammal Engineering College, India  

Prof.   Kuzle, Igor; University of Zagreb, Croatia (IEEE Senior Member)  

Dr.      Lakhoua, Mohamed Najeh; Ecole Nationlale D'Ingénieurs De Carthage Tunis  

Prof.   Lim, Yun Seng; Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman, Malaysia (IEEE Senior Member
Dr.      Liu, Shanshan; Electric Power Research Institute, USA 

Prof.   Lüdemann, Volker; Osnabrueck University of Applied Sciences, Germany

Prof.   Mohod, Sharad; Prof. Ram Meghe Institute of Technology & Research, India 

Dr.      Qudaih, Y. S.; Kyushu Institute of Technology, Japan (IEEE Member)
Dr.      Saied, Mohamed H.Abu Qir Fertilizers & Chemical Industries CompanyEgypt (IEEE Senior Member)

Dr.      Sanjeevikumar, P; Research and Development with Ohm Technologies, India (IEEE Senior Member  

Prof.   Schmidt, Michael; Offenburg University of Applied Sciences, Germany 

Prof.   Schütt, Reiner Johannes; West Coast University of Applied Sciences, Germany  

Prof.   Shi, Ruifeng; North China Electric Power University, China (IEEE Member)

Prof.   Sikora, Axel; Offenburg University of Applied Sciences, Germany
Dr.     Skopik, Florian; Austrian Institute of Technology, Austria 

Prof.   Stary, Oldrich; Czech Technical University, Czech Republic
Prof.   Sun, Hongbo; Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories, USA (IEEE Senior Member)
Prof.   Terzija, Vladimir; The University of Manchester, UK (IEEE Senior Member

Prof.   Teufel, Stephanie; University of Fribourg, Switzerland (IEEE Member)  

Dr.      Wang, Dan; University of Victoria, Canada

Prof.   Wang, Li; National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan, China (IEEE Senior Member)

Prof.   Wang, Lingfeng; The University of Toledo, USA  

Prof.   Wei, Wei; Tianjin University, China (IEEE Member)
Prof.   Wu, Guohong; Tohoku Gakuin University, Japan (IEEE Member)
Prof.   Yu, Tao; South China University of Technology, China

Prof.   Yusuf, Ismail; Tanjungpura University, Pontianak, Indonesia   

Prof.   Zeng, Qing-An; North Carolina A&T State University, USA (IEEE Senior Member)

Prof.   Zhou, Chengke; Glasgow Caledonian University, UK (IEEE Senior Member

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