ICSGCE Keynote Speakers

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Prof. Gary Taylor (Senior Member of IEEE)
Brunel University, UK

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Keynote Talk:  Impact of Renewable Energy Sources on the Future Power Networks ICT Infrastructure 

[Abstract] This presentation will initially consider the main impacts of Renewable Energy Sources onfuture electrical power networks as follows: Environmental, Technological and EconomicChallenges; UK as an electrical power transmission system case study. The presentation will then consider novel interdisciplinary solutions that will be required to manage the impacts as follows: GB transmission system developments; Future pan-European transmissionsy stems; Supergrid and Smart Grid deployment in China.  



Prof. Axel Sikora
Offenburg University of Applied Sciences, Germany

More information available at http://www.icsgce.com/?person/28 


Keynote Talk:  Secure, Efficient and Energy Efficient Communications for Smart Grid Systems  

[Abstract] Smart Grid Systems heavily depend on the performance of the underlying communication systems. Therefore, it is required to ensure their safe, reliable and secure functioning. The keynote will give an overview on the most important requirements, will show possible technologies and architectures. Selected sample projecte - based on projects from the author's teams, will be explained to give an insight into practical implementation of available solutions. Also, an outlook to future trends and research possibilities will be provided. 





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